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Woman Wears Wedding Dress That’s Been In Her Family For Three Generations In Honor Of 10th Anniversary

Woman Wears Wedding Dress That’s Been In Her Family For Three Generations In Honor Of 10th Anniversary

The dress is six decades old!

A woman wore her wedding dress that’s been in her family for three generations in honor of her 10th anniversary. 

Kethlyn White married her husband John White on June 9, 2012. John took to social media to share a video of his wife in her wedding dress as Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” played in the background. The video was in honor of their 10th anniversary and John took a moment to caption the video describing the big day they both said I do. 

“Her father walked her down the aisle to me at the @atlantahistorycenter. He walked with ease as if the clouds of heaven were underneath his feet. This was the song that played as each blade of grass softened for her arrival at the altar to meet me,” he wrote. 


Kethlyn also took to her page to share more photos of her sporting her wedding gown, hair blowing in the wind, and looking regal as the cream fabric cascaded down onto the grown. She shared another photo of her and John together and photos from their actual wedding day a decade ago. The last photo showed a picture of Kethlyn’s mom and dad on their wedding day in the very same gown. Turns out, the dress is a family heirloom and has been in her family for three generations, Kethlyn, her mom, and grandmother all wearing the bridal dress on their wedding days. 

“Pulled my dress out of storage one more time. I wore it for the first time 10 years ago today, mommy wore it 37 years ago, and my grandma wore it first 60 years ago. The dress carries a long history of long lasting love. Here’s to many more years [John],” Kethlyn wrote. 


Both Kethlyn’s mom and grandma were present on her wedding day to witness the third generation walk down the aisle in the fabric. John marveled in his caption at the meaningfulness of such history. 

“On June 9, 2012, with the sound of [Adele’s] voice playing in the background, her mother and her grandmother stood to their feet in the audience of family and friends to watch [Kethlyn] in this dress walk down the aisle. This is love. This is legacy. This is our generational wealth. All of this is our heritage and our future. Her face. Her hands. Her body in this dress. A father walking his daughter down the aisle wearing something so familiar, so true, and so special. A fabric of love as the story of our lives that binds us together, lace by lace, string by string, stitch by stitch,” he wrote. 

Now we’re all crying. What a beautiful and rich love. Happy Anniversary!

Photo Courtesy of @KethlynWhite/Instagram