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Woman Styles Grandmother’s Hair In Sweet Video And Now We’re All Crying

Woman Styles Grandmother’s Hair In Sweet Video And Now We’re All Crying

We all just love our grandmas!

A woman does her grandmother’s hair for the first time in six years and the entire internet is crying!

Renee J. Smith is an interior designer who recently took to social media to share a heartwarming moment between her and her grandmother.

“I finally did it!...It’s been over 6 years since my Grandmother has had a real hairstyle. My Grandmother had long beautiful golden hair. It was strong and healthy, but after getting older, taking medication and hormonal changes, it all fell out,” Smith wrote.

In the video, her grandmother is already prepped for the hairstyle, Smith initially saying she was taken aback by what the final product would look like. 

“I think she looks absolutely beautiful. She actually had a couple of choice words to say because she thought I was going to leave her hair with twigs but the end result is beautiful,” Smith explained.

She is then shown lovingly going from side to side as she installs the hair, meticulously paying attention to every detail as she twists, pins, and styles her grandmother’s hair into a very cute updo. When grandma saw the final result, she couldn’t help but smile. Smith said the whole moment made her very emotional but she is so grateful she was able to style her grandmother’s hair without any pain and make her happy. 

“I privately cried after this, because doing this style brought back so many memories. I can’t believe she allowed me to finish without complaining about pain. God is good…Look at her face. Her madness went to smiles. No more Afros! We’re about to have some fun,” Smith added.

The video has gone viral, being viewed 1.7 million times to date, with thousands pouring into the comments to share how touched they were by Smith and her grandmother. 

“Love that smile…just the little things mean the most when it comes to making memories!,” one user wrote. 

“Love it, the smile said it all. Kiss your grandma for me. Tears because she showed just how appreciative she is,” another commented. 

“She looks absolutely gorgeous. I wish my mother was still here [so I] can do that to her hair,” another wrote. 

Check out the sweet moment below!


Thank you for sharing this with us, Renee!

Photo Courtesy of Renee Jefferson Smith/Instagram