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Watch These Black Men Celebrate Fatherhood And Discuss The Importance Of Legacy

Watch These Black Men Celebrate Fatherhood And Discuss The Importance Of Legacy

Every day is Father’s Day!

Washington, D.C.-based maternal health org Mamatoto Village recently curated a beautiful campaign centered on Black fathers and the importance of generational fatherhood and legacies. Founded in 2013 by Cassietta Pringle and Aza Nedhari, Mamatoto often launches community campaigns aimed at shining a light on the various needs of Black women and families of color. In 2021 they called on the community for their "Letters to Black Mamas" campaign, sending encouraging letters to Black mother’s just in time for Mother’s Day. Now they have returned with the “Lasting Legacies,” campaign, an ode to Black fathers. 

“Lasting Legacies: Reflections on Black Fatherhood” features six fathers as they explore their own journeys to becoming fathers, discussing how their own parental relationships impacted them, how they felt upon learning they were becoming fathers, how parenting has helped heal them, and more. 

Participants include Howard Douglas, Robert Oates, writer Panama Jackson, Kenneth Blakeney, Michael Barnette, and Jonathan Webb, as the men collectively discussed their concept of fatherhood and why they believe their role as fathers is important for the Black community as a whole. 

“My Dad was completely present, in fact, I model a lot of my own fatherhood…on my Dad. Now my Dad’s not very talkative, he didn’t say a lot, but he was there for everything…I see that I’m a lot like that, not even intentionally,...except because it’s a different generation I’m a lot more communicative with my kids,” explained Jackson. 


The men continued to share their various experiences on everything from bonding with their fathers to how they learned problem-solving and the importance of being present. According to Mamatoto Village, a 2013 CDC study reported that an estimated 2.5 million Black fathers live in the household with their children, compared to 1.7 million who don’t. This campaign hopes to shine a light on this reality and dispel the myth that Black fathers are not present and accounted for. 

“The campaign aims to document various fatherhood experiences and encourage those who may share and relate to these fathers’ journeys. Although everyone has a different story, we honor Black fathers’ strength, love, and resilience and their invaluable contributions to families and communities. This campaign incorporates real and raw feelings that do not reflect poorly on our father/father figures but show the commonalities and shared experiences between Black dads,” the organization told Because Of Them We Can via statement. 

Check out the full “Lasting Legacies: Reflections on Black Fatherhood” below and remember to salute a Black father today. They are appreciated! 


Cover photo: Watch these Black men celebrate fatherhood and discuss the importance of legacy/Photo Courtesy of Mamatoto Village