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Two High School Seniors Get Full-Ride Scholarship Surprise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Two High School Seniors Get Full-Ride Scholarship Surprise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

 Photo: EllenTube 

Darius Smith and Jaheim President went on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to discuss their dreams of becoming teachers - or so they thought. Turns out, Ellen had the ultimate college surprise for the two Ashley Ridge High School seniors. 

While Darius had already received an acceptance letter from the College of Charleston, Jaheim was still waiting to find out about his application status.

"I've been stressing out for the last five months, but I believe in positive energy, so College of Charleston, if you're watching this, accept me now, " he said on the show. 

Little did he know, Ellen was about to pull out his acceptance letter - and then tell them both that "the College of Charleston heard about you and Darius, and they want to cover your college tuition for all four years."

Watch their priceless reactions below.   

Darius and Jaheim participated in the College of Charleston's Otta B. German Minority Male Initiative program, which focuses on helping prospective male students of color. Now as future students, they'll receive support for minority student education majors through the school's Call Me MISTER program. 

"My mom, she went to tech school and she couldn’t finish because she had me and she had my sister, so this would mean a lot for me to show her that ‘Hey, Mom, I’ve got it,'" Jaheim said.

Partnering with Cheerios, DeGeneres also gifted Darius and Jaheim with $20,000 each and their high school with $10,000.  

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

"My main inspiration to become a teacher was because for the kids I wanted to be what I didn’t see when I was growing up,” Darius told DeGeneres. “So, for me, my father was incarcerated when I was four years old, so not having that male presence growing up and like that’s really important because like the older I get, the more I understand things and having a father, even if it’s at school seven hours a day, that still helps. For the kids, that’s what I would do, that’s my goal. I want to be for them what I didn’t have." 

Congratulations, Darius and Jaheim! Wishing you two the very best on your future endeavors.