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This Mother Came Home Early From Deployment And Surprised Her Son During Football Practice

This Mother Came Home Early From Deployment And Surprised Her Son During Football Practice

We love a family reunion!

A U.S. Navy mother came home early from deployment and surprised her son at his football practice in this heartfelt video, NBC News reports. 

Samuel Harris is a sophomore running back at University High School in San Diego. The 5’10”, 165-pound student athlete has always had a love for sports and is currently dominating the high school football league in his area. Harris is projected to graduate in 2025, and has already received offers from University of Arizona, University of Nevada, San José State University, and University of Washington. 

After a normal football practice, the player was asked who he admired most. While addressing his teammates, combat medic Terrica Harris, who has been deployed on an overseas mission since January, was present and hiding in the background. What happens while he’s answering the question is what really pulls at the heartstrings. “I would say my mom because she’s been gone in the military..” and then he gets a tap on his shoulder. Harris immediately became ecstatic, picking his mother up and hugging her.

When asked what went through her head when she heard his words, she replied, “I had goosebumps, I love this little boy to death.”

The teenager said he chose to talk about his mom as the person he values because he knows being in the military is difficult, especially being a woman, which inspires him to push himself more. His mother began to tear up after hearing her son say those words, replying, “This is the first time I ever heard him say anything in reference to me being in the military.” She explains how he was two years old when she joined and grew up with the military lifestyle. “This means a lot. I’m away from my kids often, and I’m doing it for a reason and I’m glad that he knows that.” 

What a lovely family moment!