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Clementine and the Kiddos: The Family Cooking Up a Storm on the Internet

Clementine and the Kiddos: The Family Cooking Up a Storm on the Internet

Meet Clementine: an Atlanta-based culinary maven, mom-extraordinaire, and internet sensation who's delighting the taste buds of not only her two kids, Jameer and Brooklyn, but also of a rapidly growing online fanbase. Under her username, "Clementineandthekiddos," she's revolutionizing family meals with her  innovative recipes and sous chefs!

In less than a year, Clementine's flavorful journey through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time has garnered significant attention, striking a chord with food lovers and fellow parents alike. What sets her apart is her collaborative kitchen space, where she invites Jameer and Brooklyn to contribute their creativity to each culinary masterpiece.

Clementine's expertise extends beyond traditional children's fare, blending sophistication and flavor in dishes that appeal to adults and kids. With a following of over 158,000 on Instagram and a over 5.2 million likes on TikTok, her unique blend of home-style cooking and engaging content has transformed her into an online sensation.

Comments under her posts read, "we're coming to spend the night," and "I need this dish for me!"


From her enticing homemade pretzel pizzas and mouthwatering buttermilk fried chicken to tropical grilled mahi-mahi served in pineapple bowls, Clementine is reshaping the way we approach family meals. After one look at her feed, you'll be inspired to step it up and take your grocery list to new gourmet heights.

For a front-row seat, meal not included, at Clementine's culinary escapades with her charming co-chefs Jameer and Brooklyn, you can follow her on Youtube and Tiktok

Photo: Clementineandthekiddos