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A Lucky Woman Manifested the Love of Her Life With Her "Dear Husband" Instagram Posts

A Lucky Woman Manifested the Love of Her Life With Her

She was patient and it paid off!


Who doesn't love love? The sweetest stories can come in February. However, love isn’t only reserved for Valentine's Day, it's all around us. Take this proud son, for example, who captured photos of his parents for their 47th wedding anniversary, or a couple who decided to give love a try after 50 years of friendship, or even this elderly couple who had the most beautiful engagement shoot. We love to hear the stories behind a person's special someone. In the case of American athlete and fitness trainer Santia Deck, also known as “The Queen of Abs,” who is popular online for her fitness education and flag football skills, her love definitely comes with a story!

One of the firsts posts she madeJanuary 2022's Dear Husband Message


Since 2017-2018, she’s been penning “Dear Husband” posts to her future prince charming, and now her letters have been received. With the last post being made in January, she crossed paths with Isaac Barnes in February. Now, nearly eight months later, she's engaged! She shared a heartwarming proposal video on Instagram that had everyone smiling. Barnes got on one knee on a football field and had the young woman in complete shock! In her caption, she describes everything she loves about him and why he’s the perfect man for her. 


“Thank you , thank you , thank you for bringing me one of your favorites to be not only my life partner but an amazing father to our future children. I can’t put into words how beautiful this man is , his appearance, his heart , his mind and most importantly, his soul . I was so broken when we first met , I had just torn my ACL and felt like my world was ending and I had gotten out of one of the worst relationships in my entire life 7 months prior ,but your energy… omg , your energy calmed my soul in a way I’ve never experienced. You invested in me in ways nobody else has , you’ve taught me things I never knew, you LOVED me in ways I didn't think was possible . You are a king , and it has been a blessing watching you grow and watching God use you in ways that have blown my mind. You truly are the definition of a MAN, you hear from God first and then you deliver the message to me after and that was the most important thing I wanted in a husband , a true servant of the Lord ! We are about to have a kingdom marriage , a marriage truly blessed by God which will produce Kingdom children who are going to grow up in a household full of love ! It’s been an honor having the chance to pour into you every day and your dreams, and one of the dopest things about you is you’re a history maker just like me lol omggg, I’m still in shock!”



She ended the caption with the sweetest statement saying, “All I can say is I manifested you. People thought I was crazy for writing all the ‘Dear husband’ posts I was writing but I knew you were near. I’m a FIANCÉ who’s about to be a WHOLE wife out here y’all!”


It’s so beautiful reading her past messages and seeing her growth over the years. As the posts progress, you can see her faith growing stronger. After reading, you see the man she was writing to be the exact man she scored! It’s a wonderful blessing to find your person and we’re happy she did. We got a chance to catch up with the future Mrs. Barnes to see how she felt about the experience. “God’s timing is always right on time,” she told us, and she's 100% correct!

Santia Deck & Isaac Barnes


Congratulations to the happy couple!


Photo: Instagram/trackbaby001