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This Father Sharing an Emotional Moment With His Son Is The Validation Black Boys Deserve

TikTok user Rena shared an emotional moment between her son and his father after his spelling bee. Because their son finished in the top 4 out of 36 students, she was trying to figure out what the tears were for!


Assuming his goal was to come in first place, the young boy seemed to be unhappy about 4th and dad understood. With all the vulnerability and validation being shown in the video, we couldn’t help but cry too! Garnering over 200k views and 51k likes, TikTok viewers were also in shambles from all the love these parents had for their son.

The words and affection quickly turned his little frown upside down; the infamous “Imma have to get you something” line changed his entire mood!

This video proves that all it takes is lots of support for your little ones to know all emotions are okay!

You did a great job, young king. Keep going!