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This Daughter Gave Her Dad The Perfect Shirt To Celebrate Him Being Cancer-Free

This Daughter Gave Her Dad The Perfect Shirt To Celebrate Him Being Cancer-Free

A few days ago, 24-year-old MacKenzie Taylor took to social media to share that her father Ronnie Taylor was declared cancer-free. MacKenzie wrote on her personal blog that her father "endured a complete hip replacement, 6 rounds of chemotherapy to his body, 4 rounds of chemotherapy into his spinal fluid, a bald head, countless lab draws, numerous scans, thousands of pills, and so many doctor appointments." However, through it all, she said "he never complained once." Mr. Taylor was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma about seven months ago, and since then, MacKenzie has been documenting inspirational parts of his road to recovery online.  

From his first week of chemotherapy.  

To his halfway point scan.

To his last round of chemotherapy.

To his special 67th birthday celebration.

To when he became a cancer survivor and she gifted him a "Straight Outta Chemo" t-shirt to celebrate. 

"I had been holding onto the shirt for a while but wanted to wait for confirmation from doctors and an opportune time," said MacKenzie. "He loved it and couldn't wait to change and take some pics."

The Taylor family had an all-around celebration of life, as the beautiful family was also celebrating MacKenzie's 24th birthday. MacKenzie's celebratory tweet has collected over 50,000 retweets and more than 200,000 likes, but for MacKenzie's father, he was "more excited that people get to see our faith in the Lord", said MacKenzie. "He's our ultimate healer. While we still do credit the medical staff that led us through this journey, we believe that the Lord has the final say."

Amen to that.