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This Artist Is Turning School Bathrooms Into A Place Of Peace And Empowerment

This Artist Is Turning School Bathrooms Into A Place Of Peace And Empowerment

This is so dope!

Visual artist Cierra Lynn is attempting to inspire and empower young people through bathroom stall murals. 

The Washington, DC native created the “Affirm It With Art” initiative, an empowerment beautification project that she takes into schools across the country, hand painting affirmations and imagery. 

Her initiative uses art as a way to bring awareness to mental health, suicide and bully prevention, self love and positive self imagery. 

Photo Courtesy of @theartistcierralynn/Instagram 

Lynn spoke with Because Of Them We Can, saying it all started during her time as an art teacher. “With my experience teaching art in inner city schools, I’ve noticed a decrease in self esteem and an increase in bullying and suicide. The bathrooms have always been the place where kids would hook class at, but now it has become a place of solace,” she said.

That’s why she chose the bathroom stalls as the best place to put her artwork. It’s typically the first place kids go to when they’re having trouble. “The bathroom is typically the first place kids run to when they have an issue at school and its the place kids go to bully other kids, fight and attempt suicide,” Lynn said.

Recently, she partnered with Taraji P. Henson’s “Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation,” a mental health foundation in honor of the actress’ late father, to take her bathroom stall murals to schools around the world.

Photo Courtesy of @theartistcierralynn/Instagram 

She hopes that by covering the stalls with messages of hope and positive reinforcement, she can help to shift the minds of young people when they enter that space.

“I believe in the power of words using affirmations to manifest things. It is my hope, through my artwork, I can encourage and empower the youth to make a positive choice,” Lynn told BOTWC. 

For more information about Lynn’s work or to bring her to your school visit

Keep going Cierra! This is so needed!

Photo Courtesy of @theartistcierralynn/Instagram