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This 94-Year-Old Never Had A Wedding Dress So Her Family Took Her To A Dress Fitting With Adorable Results

This 94-Year-Old Never Had A Wedding Dress So Her Family Took Her To A Dress Fitting With Adorable Results

Here comes the bride.

Getting married is a special time in a person's life, but everyone can't have the wedding they always wanted. This is the case for Facebook user Erica Tucker's granny, Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker. At 94-years-old she finally got one of the bridal moments she'd always dreamed of, trying on dresses. Tucker shared the beautiful experience on Facebook, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. 

Her granddaughter, Angela Strozier told reporters that the family was watching "Coming To America" when her grandmother whispered, “I’ve always wanted to try on a wedding dress. 

Tucker was born in Alexander City in 1927 and moved to Birmingham at 15, graduating from Parker High School in 1948. In 1952, she married the love of her life, Lehman Tucker Sr., but due to segregation Black women were not allowed in bridal shops. Strozier said family her grandma worked for provided her with a navy blue “mermaid dress,” known then as a “Carmen Jones dress," but she always missed the wedding dress fitting experience. 

As she stood in the dressing room with the full wedding gown and pearled tiara perched atop her soft grey afro, she appeared nothing short of regal. Grandma even tried on a garter and flashed a little leg, much to everyone's delight.

“You know, I can’t even express how special it was. It was too special,’' Tucker told Wednesday. “I’ve been wanting to do that a long time, just put one on.”

The viral post has been shared more than eighteen thousand times with more than two thousand comments from people who have fallen in love with granny. 


Leonard A. Smith wrote, "I love EVERYTHING about this!!! She looks absolutely beautiful! What a precious moment and memory for all of you, and thank you guys for sharing it with all of us! Love you guys so much!!"

And Tamara N. Thompson was tearing up at the priceless moment, "I need all the tissues; this is so beautifully priceless."


One user was astonished by how ageless granny is, "Absolutely beautiful," Nicole Thompson wrote. "There is nothing 94 about this woman. She looks damn good."

We hope all of granny's wishes come true!

Photo Credit Erica Tucker/Facebook