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This 9-Year-Old Helps Mom Deliver Her Baby Sister At Home

This 9-Year-Old Helps Mom Deliver Her Baby Sister At Home

This is a moment she’ll never forget!

A 9-year-old helped her mom deliver her baby sister at home, Blavity reports.

30-year-old Angelica Gunn began having contractions on June 28th, a week before her due date. She determined that while they were intense, it was just false labor - until it wasn’t. 

“Midday, the contractions just kicked in really hard. [Then I] felt the urge to push all of a sudden,” Gunn told reporters.

Her husband was at work, and the only two people home with Gunn were her 9-year-old daughter Aakayla and her 4-year-old son. A nurse and certified doula, Gunn knew she didn’t have time to seek medical attention and immediately enrolled her daughter to help her give birth. 

“I just screamed for my daughter to come in. I was like, ‘Something’s happening, you’re going to have to look and tell me what’s going on because I don’t know.’ I kind of just felt intense pressure and like [the baby’s] head was coming out,” Gunn recalled. 

While worried that her daughter was too young to help with such a thing, Gunn said she really had no other choice given the urgency of the moment. 

“In that moment, I was like, this is a moment we’re going to have to share together, and it’s a bond her and her sister will have forever. All that other stuff just went away out of my mind, and I focused on the moment at hand,” Gunn said.

With her husband stuck in traffic and her sister on the phone with paramedics on three-way, Gunn was able to coach her daughter Aakayla. She successfully guided her through the delivery. Aakayla safely helped deliver the baby, grabbing her newborn sister, Aubree, and passing her to her mom. 

“It was fun. She looked really pretty,” Aakayla told reporters.

“I think in that moment she realized, ‘OK, it’s just me and mommy. I’m going to have to help her because daddy’s not here.' It’s kind of just amazing how she did that. She didn’t cry, she didn’t freak out or anything,” Gunn said.

Dad says he thinks they may already have a budding doctor on their hands. 

Gunn took to social media to share the moment, saying, “All I can tell y’all is that God kept us in those moments, he gave me strength to fight through it and Kayla strength to help bring our baby earth-side...we are beyond proud of our daughter and her heroic efforts.”

Shortly after birth, paramedics arrived and rushed Gunn and baby Aubree to the hospital. Both are doing well, and Gunn says the siblings have already fallen in love with their new baby sister. 

Congratulations, Aakayla! You were so brave!

Photo Courtesy of @TheLostButterflies/Instagram