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These Newborn Twins Were Born On The Birthday Of Their Loving Parents

These Newborn Twins Were Born On The Birthday Of Their Loving Parents

It’s four times the love!

31-year-old Jose Ervin Jr and his fiance Scierra Blair are not only madly in love. They also happen to share the same birthday of August 18th.

When the couple found out they were expecting twins, they were overjoyed. But the birth of the twins has been made even sweeter — seeing that the newborns were born on the couple’s birthday. 

When the couple first became pregnant, the due date was set for the end of August, reports Fox 5 Atlanta. Both Ervin and Blair had not even considered the possibility of an early birth. But as time went on, the date narrowed for the twins' arrival. That’s when they began to wonder if they’d luck out with the shifting due date. 

“It’ll be crazy if they come on our birthdays,” Ervin recalled telling Blair.

As fate would have it, on August 17th, Blair began going into labor. The doctors notified her that an emergency C-section was required due to one of the babies being breached. That’s when Ervin asked Blair if they could hold off a few hours for the surgery to ensure they could all share a birthday. Admittedly, Ervin said Blair was not on board at first. But the couple and the doctors agreed to wait until midnight. And on August 18th, they welcomed their beautiful babies into the world. 

Jose Ervin III was born on August 18th at 12:35am and his sister A-ria was born August 18th at 12:36am. Both fraternal twins clocked in at a little over 5 pounds. The doctors at Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital took care of the family as the couple celebrated the chance occurrence. 

“It’s a dream come true, honestly. It was very unique, and it’s a blessing honestly. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing for my birthday. I just said I wanted a good gift, and God sent me my kids on my birthday,” said Ervin. 

The proud father said that the family’s birthdays are sure to be a hit moving forward. “[They] are going to be a banger from here on out. It’s going to be nothing but love and fun from here on out,” Ervin said.

Cover photo: These newborn twins were born on the birthday of their loving parents/Photo Courtesy of Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital