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Sister of Ahmaud Arbery Dedicates Master’s Degree To Her Late Brother In Heartwarming Tribute

Sister of Ahmaud Arbery Dedicates Master’s Degree To Her Late Brother In Heartwarming Tribute

Peace and light to the spirit of Ahmaud Arbery!

The sister of Ahmaud Arbery dedicated her master’s degree to her late brother in a heartwarming tribute, Atlanta Black Star reports.

More than a year ago, Ahmaud Arbery was filmed being gunned down by white supremacists while jogging in his neighborhood in a small Georgia town. After Ahmaud’s story went viral, people around the nation came out to call for justice.  The father and son duo, Gregory and Travis McMichael along with their friend, William Bryan Jr., were all arrested, indicted on hate crime and attempted kidnapping charges, and are currently awaiting trial.

After their arrest, Ahmaud’s older sister, Jasmine Arbery, spoke candidly with Chris Cuomo about the relief her family felt, saying, “As of today we feel a sense of relief, this has been a long run, it’s been a long time, it feel like it’s been a long time so this day was a turning point of my brother’s case, and getting justice for him.”

While the family continues to fight for justice, the elder Arbery has focused on persevering, despite the immense loss and tragedy she’s had to face. Recently, she earned her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Albany State University, taking to Instagram to express her feelings about the momentous occasion. 

“Whew! A journey is not great unless you find what you seek. My journey was filled with many challenges that included working two jobs, a natural disaster, the tragic loss of my brother, a pandemic, giving birth, anxiety, grief and issues with my financial aid. But I am proud to say those challenges equal the factors that will make me an excellent therapist. I have the opportunity to offer support based on real life experiences...I ooze #BlackGirlMagic,” Arbery wrote.

She also took the time to honor the memory of her younger brother, dedicating the degree to him.

“I dedicate this degree to my brother #AhmaudArbery. The ceremony is held on your birthday [May 8th] and you always believed in me! #BlackLivesMatter,” said Arbery.

Congratulations Jasmine! May the way before you be easier than it has been in the past. Blessings.

Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Arbery/@berryso_sweet/Instagram