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Robin Thede Gets Emotional & Thanks Whoopi Goldberg For Inspiring Her To Get Into Comedy

Robin Thede Gets Emotional & Thanks Whoopi Goldberg For Inspiring Her To Get Into Comedy

This is the true magic of Black girls!

Comedian Robin Thede made an appearance on ABC’s “The View” talk show this week to discuss the upcoming Season 4 of her hit HBO series, “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” However, Thede pivoted from the regular interview show talk to share a personal moment with veteran comedian Whoopi Goldberg, who Thede credited as inspiring her to get into sketch comedy. 

“You were the first woman that showed me that Black women can play characters…I talk about this all the time. I hope you don't think I'm a stalker because I talk about you constantly in interviews,” Thede said while holding back tears. 

She then began reminiscing watching Goldberg’s one-woman Broadway show on TV as a young girl, recalling the moment Goldberg performed as the character Fontaine and how it impacted her. 

"This character. She talked about identity and she talked about how 'I wanna be white because that's what it’s supposed to be' but then she came back to love herself. It was funny and it was real and I just had never seen that," Thede said getting visibly choked up. 

“So thank you. I’ve been waiting my whole life to tell you thank you,” Thede told Goldberg as she pulled out tissue from her shirt to wipe away her tears in a brief moment of comedic relief. 


A pioneer in the industry, Goldberg is the first Black woman to achieve EGOT status, earning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony for her work. She is also one of only four Black people to have received the prestigious honor, alongside musicians John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, and Viola Davis who just joined the elite club earlier this year. 

Goldberg was left completely speechless by the moment, soaked in Thede’s heartwarming words. Fans took to social media to further shower Goldberg with praise and share in the emotions. 

“Yasss! I love when Whoopi gets her flowers,” one Twitter user wrote. 

“I’m right there with Robin Thede. Fontaine did it for me,” another added. 

Thank you Robin for sharing your heart and thank you Whoopi for paving the way. Because of you both, we can!

Cover photo: Robin Thede gets emotional & thanks Whoopi Goldberg for inspiring her to get into comedy/Photo Courtesy of The View/ABC