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Priceless: Watch This Toddler With Hydrocephalus Take His First Steps

Priceless: Watch This Toddler With Hydrocephalus Take His First Steps

Photo via: Alysa York 

When Braxton was born on Christmas Eve of 2016, he was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain. As a result, it causes brain damage, affects vision, as well as the ability to walk and talk.  

However, despite his family being told that he "would be lucky to survive to see his first birthday," Braxton's end of life services transitioned to long term care and in December he'll be celebrating his second birthday. This week, the Litchfield Park, Arizona toddler accomplished another milestone - he took his very first steps.

His mother Alysa York took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the priceless moment and it has since captured the hearts of thousands of Internet users. See why below. 

Alysa shared another video the following day of Braxton taking even more steps. 

Since Braxton's diagnosis, Alysa has had to quit her job as a medical assistant to care for her son full-time. "This to me is a small sacrifice as I am committing to giving Braxton the best quality of life, which he deserves," Alysa wrote on the GoFundMe page that she made for her son. 

"As he continues to get bigger, more challenges seem to present themselves. He has a wheelchair that is being made, the vehicle I have is small (Ford Fiesta) and I am asking for help with getting a bigger vehicle to help hold his wheelchair and make being mobile a little easier for him," Alysa went on to explain. 

Within two days of being created, the GoFundMe campaign has nearly reached its goal of raising $10,000. Braxton is set to have his wheelchair fitting on October 15. 

Go, Braxton! We can't wait to see what you'll accomplish next.