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Philly Barber Starts 'Cutz Of Compassion' Tour To Provide More Free Haircuts To The Homeless

Philly Barber Starts 'Cutz Of Compassion' Tour To Provide More Free Haircuts To The Homeless

Photo credit: Mari A. Schaefer/ Inquirer Staff 

This 29-year-old Philadelphia barber is on a mission to change the world one haircut at a time. His name is Brennon Jones and he became inspired to launch a project called "Haircuts 4 the Homeless" after having a random encounter with a homeless man. He decided right then and there that he was going to use his gift of cutting hair to offer free haircuts to the homeless.  

"I just wanted to provide something different than some change or a couple dollars," Jones explained. "I'm blessed with a talent, so why not share it and make someone’s day? I just wanted to give back."

Since then, Jones, who connects his clippers to a car battery, has personally provided almost 200 free haircuts to the homeless. He reached his first milestone of the 100th haircut in May. 

Photo via: Facebook/ Haircut4Homeless 

“I’ll be out here every day that I can. I'll go out to West Philly, North Philly, every section of Philadelphia, Chester, Camden and cut hair," Jones said. "Then, I want to rent a hall and have a big dinner for them all to come to. I hope to do that sometime around Thanksgiving."

On top of free haircuts, Jones gives away toiletries, bag lunches, prizes and games. Jones still intends to spend 2017 giving as many haircuts as he can to the homeless, but he also dreams of taking his mission to every state and other countries. For now, he's starting off with his "Cutz of Compassion" Tour, which will hit seven-cities and provide free haircut services to those in need.

He hopes by cutting hair in the middle of street that it will help highlight the needs of the homeless population and inspire others to do something about it. As a barber with 10 years of experience, Jones said: "A lot of people ask me hey when will you stop. I will never stop I’m invested. My heart is invested. I never took barbering so serious until now." 

The "Cutz of Compassion Tour" started on May 28 in Chester, Pennsylvania and wraps up in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 8. 

In the words of Brennon Jones: "When you’re on a mission and God has put you on this path nothing should stop you." 

If you would like to donate to Brennon's mission, please click here.