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Patti LaBelle’s Granddaughter Is The Best Spokesperson For Her Food Products

Patti LaBelle’s Granddaughter Is The Best Spokesperson For Her Food Products

It’s the cutest thing you’ll see today!

Patti LaBelle’s granddaughter showed off her skills as the newest unofficial spokesperson of her grandmother’s “Good Life” products in an adorable online video.

The internet is filled with cute little videos that are sure to warm your heart. From lovable videos of newborn babies and their siblings to hilarious clips of young children caught in the most precarious of situations, there’s no shortage of content. Even more touching is when the children are connected to families we all know and love, because there’s nothing better than watching the next generation of celebrities grow up right before our internet eyes. 

Recently, musical icon Patti LaBelle took to social media to share a clip of her granddaughter Leyla. While some LaBelle fans may have expected her to be dancing or even singing, Leyla was doing something even better, promoting her grandmother’s products. The impromptu in-store promotion video features Leyla holding one of her grandmother’s Good Life peach cobblers as she rattles off a list of ways you can support.

“Today, if you want to get my grandma’s pancakes, they’re at Giant. And if you want to get…Mommy… is this called Walmart?,” she pauses to make sure her script is right before continuing. 

“If you want to get your pies, go at Walmart and if you want to get the pancakes, go at Giant,” she resumes. 

Leyla then proceeds to let viewers know about all of the different flavors of pancakes in stock before alluding to her very famous grandmother. 

“There’s many many pancakes…chocolate chip, blueberry, and regular ones. You can get them so long. And my grandma’s on TV…bye guys!, she adds. 

Right before she signs off, Leyla makes sure to tell people to subscribe and like the video, a true professional indeed.



LaBelle shared the video on her platform, garnering thousands of likes and comments while encouraging people to heed her granddaughter’s instructions. 

“You heard what my granddaughter Leyla said! She wants everyone to know where (Target, Walmart, Giant) they can get her glamma’s items! Isn’t she just the cutest?,” she captioned the video. 

Yes she is Ms. Patti. The absolute cutest. And we’re headed right now to Target, Walmart, and Giant to pick up our own Patti’s Good Life products. Thanks for the heads up Leyla!

Photo Courtesy of MsPattiLabelle/Instagram