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Parents Teach 6-Year-Old Son About Peaceful Protests Using Action Figures

Parents Teach 6-Year-Old Son About Peaceful Protests Using Action Figures

P is for protest! That's what parents, Martin and Siobhan Copeland, taught their 6-year-old son Jaxon over the weekend. And they did it using his action figures.

As protests demanding justice, equality and equity for Black people are taking place all over the world, the Copeland family wanted their son to participate in a safe way amidst the pandemic.

"We wanted him to be a part of the protests without exposing him to coronavirus," Martin told Because of Them We Can. "We also didn't show him protests on TV, because much of the coverage focused on violence and looting and not on the message of protesters."

They found the answer in Jaxon's toy chest. 

"We wanted him to understand what a protest is and why people protest injustice, so we used his heroes, his action figures who represent justice to him, to help explain these concepts," Martin said.

All of his favorite toys showed up with an important message to share, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Charlie Brown and friends.

"He had fun making the signs and coming up with the phrases. This was play and quality time for him so he not only had fun, but he also learned something," he said.

Some of the cardboard signs read: Turtle Power + Black Power, Justice For Breonna Taylor, End Police Brutality, Enough is Enough and Black Men I Love You.

As for what's next, Jaxon has already moved on.

"He loved talking about it at the time. If you ask him about it today, he doesn't have much to say and has moved on to the next thing. In a weird way, we want to keep it that way. I want to prepare my Black son for this world, but he's six. I want him to go watch cartoons and beg me for ice cream."

Way to go Mom and Dad!