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NFL Player Aaron Jones Recovers Pendant With Late Father’s Ashes After Losing It During A Game

NFL Player Aaron Jones Recovers Pendant With Late Father’s Ashes After Losing It During A Game

The athletic trainer saved the day!

NFL player Aaron Jones recovered a pendant containing his late father’s ashes after losing it during a 4-touchdown game against Detroit, The Root reports. 

Aaron Jones is a running back for the Green Bay Packers. During the recent Monday night game against the Detroit Lions, Jones ran for an impressive four touchdowns, a high note for any professional athlete. However, the celebration was soured by the harsh reality that his football-shaped medallion, the one he was wearing around his neck carrying his late father’s ashes, had been lost in all of the commotion.

Jones’ father passed away in April from COVID-19 complications. During his opening game at Lambeau Field, he wore the necklace in honor of his dad. After realizing it was lost, he believed it may have come off during the second quarter when he caught his second of three receiving touchdowns. His only solace at the time was knowing that he lost it doing something his father would’ve been proud of. 

“If there was any place to lose it, [in the end zone is] where my dad would’ve wanted me to lose it. So I know he’s smiling,” Jones said. 

However, after an extensive search after the game the pendant was recovered, Jones revealing that it was the team’s athletic trainer who found it. 

“Actually it was our trainer, Bryan Engel - ‘Flea’- he went out there and he found it. It’s just really small. A lot of times it just fits inside of my shirt. You won’t even see it or recognize it,” Jones told The Steve Cszaban Show.

The NFL star took to social media to thank Engel, posting a picture of the recovered pendant. 

“Found at 1:45am. Thank you to our trainer Bryan ‘Flea’ Engel. I’m forever grateful,” wrote Jones.

Since the incident, celebrity jeweler Ben Baller has offered to help Jones out, speaking with TMZ to offer a solution and noting his own metallic container on his keychain which he uses to carry various medicines. Baller said he could create something indestructible for Jones. 

“I just went to Six Flags with my kids and this has never come off. I can make this in yellow gold, platinum, ice it out. Look, Aaron, holler at me bro. Send me a DM. Send me a text. I’ll make you one of these joints,” said Baller.

Hopefully Jones takes him up on the offer. It’s clear that both God and his father were looking out for him!

Photo Courtesy of Stacy Revere/Getty Images