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NASCAR Driver Saves Family Of Four From A Vehicle Fire

NASCAR Driver Saves Family Of Four From A Vehicle Fire

Photo credit: Jonathan Ferrey

Jesse Iwuji, a NASCAR driver and U.S. Navy lieutenant, recently performed a random, yet significant act of kindness. He recognized a potentially life-threatening situation on the side of the road, promptly stopped to intervene, and saved a family of four from injury when their vehicle caught fire.

As Iwuji drove home from a race on I-5 just outside of San Francisco, he noticed a family standing near their vehicle on the side of the road. The experienced NASCAR driver also noticed a small fire and a lot of leaking fluid underneath of the vehicle. His quick decision to stop and direct the family a safe distance away from the hazardous vehicle made the family immediately grateful as their minivan burst into flames soon thereafter.

"Being around race cars and in the military and knowing how quickly flammable fluids can go from a small fire to a big fire, I decided I needed to stop," Iwuji explained on "America's Newsroom."

Iwuji just drove the #40 "Perfect Hydration Chevrolet" in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Carneros 200 at Sonoma Raceway on June 23rd. It was on his six hour drive home from this race that he stopped to assist the vulnerable family. His journey to NASCAR included first playing collegiate football while also serving in the U.S. Navy Reserves to fund his education.

He has become a champion of diversity within NASCAR and also aligns himself with companies and organizations that give back to active military and their families. The Texas native and son of immigrant parents has been honored by NASCAR twice with their “Diverse Driver of the Year” award and maintains a spirit of humility in all of his endeavors. 

"I try to be more than a driver, I have to be an ambassador," Iwuji told NBC Sports. "I represent the folks in the military and people out there with big goals and dreams. Hopefully with this journey I can show people that it is definitely possible."