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Grab Your Tissues: Mom Writes Open Love Letter to Daughter-In-Law

Grab Your Tissues: Mom Writes Open Love Letter to Daughter-In-Law

She prefers the title mother-in-love! 

New mother-in-love Kyri Patterson took a moment to express her appreciation and love for her new daughter-in-law Diamond in an open letter that will pull at your heartstrings! 

In the beautifully written post on Facebook, Patterson listed these promises:

  1. I promise to always support you. I’ve got your back. I’m here for you however and whenever you need me. My door is always open, my heart is always for you, and my hand is always within your reach.


  1. I promise to always mind my business. I fully respect the covenant of husband and wife and uphold that only those two become one. What’s between you and my son is between you and my son. I will not overstep boundaries. I will not force my opinions. I will not interfere with whatever decisions you make or paths you take for your marriage, home, and family. Your business is yours; not mine.


  1. I promise to never uphold Jyron in any wrong (And he better not do any wrong!). I’m on your side! If my son is in the wrong, I will not support it. Ever!


  1. I promise to always respect and consider you. You are my son’s first lady, and I will always treat you as such. I will not ask or require anything of him that will cause disregard to you in any way. I will not act in ways that are disrespectful to you as a person or as my son’s wife. Your feelings matter to me.


  1. I promise to never make Jyron feel that he has to choose between me and you or choose me over you. Although he is a mama’s boy at heart and has a very close relationship with me, Jemiah, and Marlohe, I will never allow his love for us to compete against his love and devotion to you. Thank you, first of all, for understanding our bond and not feeling slighted by it. There is no tug-of-war and there never will be. You are first, period. You won’t ever have to worry about me pulling Jyron away from you. I love him with you far too much to do that. 

As you read, you can almost feel the love through the screen and by the time we got to the end, we were sitting in a puddle of tears! This was a great way for mom to unify the marriage and the family.

Congratulations to the Eatons! 

Photo: Prelude Events Studio/ MajorEPhotography