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Meet Van Van, The Youngest Entertainer Spreading Joy & Hits Across Social Media

Meet Van Van, The Youngest Entertainer Spreading Joy & Hits Across Social Media

We have a new internet niece y’all and her name is Van Van.

4-year-old Savannah McConneaughey has been popping up all over social media for about a year now, warming our hearts with her adorable videos. The budding rapper, singer, actress and DJ is taking over social media as she shows everybody how to do it, the Van Van way!

The pint-sized superstar can regularly be seen on social singing along to various pop songs or rapping about everything from naps to her daily adventures as a 4-year-old. Her free-styling capabilities are impressive and her timing is impeccable, one social media user pointing out that “she’s always in the pocket.” 


@therealvanvan__ #fyp #blackgirlmagic #brownskingirl #prettygirlchallenge #dj #music #littlegir1 ♬ original sound - Therealvanvan

When Van Van is not rapping with her father hyping her up in the background, she’s hosting regular DJ sets, complete with her own drops and airhorn. We’re telling you, “eeny meeny miney moe” takes on a different meaning with DJ Van Van. Her disco light show gives it just the final touches it needs and social media is begging to see her on a big stage. Her father regularly gives her topics before she bursts out into full bars, and many agree that these Van Van hits are the best bops we’ve heard in a long time.


@therealvanvan__ I hate I stopped her 🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂😂…. She was bout to float on this #ainti #fyp #blackgirlmagic #brownskingirl #music #prettygirls #rapper #VANVANONTHEBEAT ♬ original sound - Therealvanvan

“I’m excited to go to school, put on my backpack and put on my shoes,” she flows after a prompting from her Dad. 

The raps are accentuated by her cute dance steps. Van Van has even ventured into acting, appearing in a film alongside actor Jamal Woolard (Notorious) this past March. Her raps have caught steam on TikTok, many using her original audios to create their own videos and duets, mimicking Van Van’s moves. 

Her latest song “Playing Outside Everyday,” has gone viral this week and her parents are encouraging everyone to repost with the hope that their little star can land a role on Quinta Brunson’s hit comedy “Abbott Elementary.” Already she has amassed more than 100,000 followers across social media, and the video has received more than 500,000 likes. 

Media personality Van Lathan re-shared the “Playing Outside Everyday,” video, praising the 4-year-old. 

“Dopest rapper alive. Hardest song in existence,” wrote Lathan. 


There is no doubt that Van Van is super talented and at just 4-years-old, she’s the youngest in charge with a bright future ahead of her. Her videos are putting smiles on so many of our faces and it helps that she’s as cute as a button. To keep up with Savannah, follow her on TikTok or Instagram @TheRealVanVan_.

We are so proud of you Van Van! This is only the beginning!

Cover photo: Meet the youngest entertainer spreading indescribably joy and hits across social media/Photo Courtesy @TheRealVanVan_/Instagram