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Louisiana State University Medical Students Save Life Of Passenger Who Fell Ill On Flight To Greece

Louisiana State University Medical Students Save Life Of Passenger Who Fell Ill On Flight To Greece

There were two doctors in the house!

Louisiana State University (LSU) medical students saved the life of a passenger who fell ill on a flight to Greece, Blavity reports.

Heather Duplessis and Lauren Bagneris are both medical students at LSU. Recently, the two were on a flight to Greece when one of the passengers fell ill. When the airline crew called for assistance, the two sprinted to action, identifying themselves as medical students and immediately helping the woman who had collapsed due to low blood sugar and heat exhaustion.

"They calmed the patient and got her to take some juice and food, and also cooled her off," LSU officials said via statement. 

While helping the ill passenger, both women also communicated on the ground with a doctor, recording the woman's blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar. 

"The patient ended up feeling much better thanks to these two talented doctors in the making and their LSU medical education. Way to Geaux Tigers! You do us proud," school officials wrote.

The picture of Duplessis and Bagneris helping the woman has been making its rounds on social media, with many praising their heroic efforts.

"This is awesome!!!! Salute to Heather and Lauren!!," one person wrote on Instagram.

"And they Black," another said.

"This is why I want to be a nurse soo bad so that I can help people just like they did. Good work, girl's and thank you, Lord, for placing them on that," another user commented.

"Angels in the Sky," another added.

The accolades for the good samaritans who stepped up at just the right time just kept pouring in. 

Bagneris' mom also took to social media to share how proud she was of the two.

"My daughter Lauren Bagneris and her Soror Heather Duplessis, both second-year med students at LSU, responded to an emergency call for a medical professional on a plane to Greece when nobody else stepped up and saved a woman's life," she said.

Thank you for your quick action, ladies! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of LSU Health Sciences Center/Facebook