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Long-Lost Brothers Reunite After 20 Years And Discover They Attend The Same College

Long-Lost Brothers Reunite After 20 Years And Discover They Attend The Same College


Photo via: @kieronchristian

After 20 years, two long-lost brothers have found each other just in time for the holidays using's database.

Georgia-based Kieron Graham, 20, always felt different. Though he was adopted by a loving family at 3-months-old, something always felt missing. He often inquired about his birth mother but his adopted family didn't have any answers. As an early Christmas gift, Grahams' adoptive mother gave him a DNA kit from to search for his birth family.

Photo via: Kieron Graham 

The search led to surprising results. Not only did Graham find a connection on the site but he found a very close match - an older brother named Vincent Ghant, 29. The two first connected on Facebook before finally meeting in person only to find out they were simply 15 minutes from each other for three years. What's even more amazing, is that they both attend Kennesaw State University and have the same major of political science and minor of legal studies. 

"We didn't even know what to say at first," Graham told NBC News. "He was just kind of like is this real? You're my brother."

Despite the 20 year difference from their last memory together, Ghant remembers often caring for his little brother, even changing his diapers and feeding him.

Photo via: 11 Alive News 

Graham's biological mother Shawn Ghant reluctantly gave up Graham due to being unable to care for him. When she found out about her sons' reunion, she was overjoyed, telling NBC News that there wasn't a day that went by that she didn't think of Graham.

Graham also found out he had a younger brother on his biological mom's side and an older brother on his biological dad's side. He also connected with his birth father and his family, all excited to reunite with their biological loved one. 

Happy new year to the new blended family! Sending you well wishes as you make new memories together.