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Instead of Spending 20k on a Wedding, This Family Decided to Travel the World

Instead of Spending 20k on a Wedding, This Family Decided to Travel the World

Wedding planning for Keontha and Rashad Dawkins started out like most couples. They looked at venues, discussed decorations, made a guest list and calculated the cost. However, after tallying up well over 20k in expenses, they decided to forego the one day event and spend the money on a trip to see the world with their children. 

“We sat and thought ‘what are we really getting for that much money’ and that’s what started us on our decision. We decided that having a 100 people come watch us wasn’t important. Our three kids were the only approval we needed and who mattered so a trip It was,” Keontha told Because of Them We Can.

The couple, who met via Facebook in 2015, took a two week trip with their three children to London, Barcelona, Morocco, and Paris. They also made time to exchange their vows. 

“We chose to get married in Morocco because we love the culture. It just felt like a fairytale and we felt like royalty. Our last stop was Paris, which we called our Honeymoon.”

The Dawkins admits that when they shared the idea with their family they had a hard time believing them.

“When we told them we wanted to get married in Africa while traveling the world they said, ‘yeah right, now stop playing and tell us what church is it at.”

As for their kids, let’s just say this may be their best summer break ever. 

“My kids loved it. They played with kids who spoke different languages and had fun just being kids.”

We don’t know how they’ll celebrate their one year anniversary, but whatever they chose to do, we know it'll be money well spent!