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How This Arizona Mom Turned Her Life Around And Earned Three Degrees In Five Years

How This Arizona Mom Turned Her Life Around And Earned Three Degrees In Five Years

She’s living proof that it’s never too late to make a change! 

After serving time in prison, an Arizona mom turned her life around, earning three degrees in five years, 11 Alive reports.

Margaret Hall is a 47-year-old mother of six who admits she didn’t always make the best choices in life. After receiving a class C felony six years ago, Hall was sentenced to a six months in federal prison. When she was released, she realized she wanted to do something different with her life. 

Despite her circumstances and with all the odds stacked against her, Hall decided to go back to school. She first enrolled at Glendale Community College before transferring to Arizona State University. Now five years later, she’s earned three degrees, most recently graduating summa cum laude with a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and pre-law. 

Hall said she never thought she would’ve been here six years ago and she’s grateful that she pushed through and proved to herself and her children that there was a rainbow at the end of that dark road.

“During this time, I was actually sitting in a federal prison for a class C felony…[I wanted to] strive for bigger dreams and bigger goals. I didn’t want my children to think that was going to be the last chapter of my story,” Hall told reporters.

With the help of several scholarships and a grant from the Jeannette Rankin Foundation which supports women aged 35 and older who are enrolling in college, Hall was able to finance her education. Once she started, she just never stopped and it helped her make it to the other side.

“Every semester for the past five years. No summers off, no breaks,” said Hall. 

Now she’s ready to write the next chapter of her life, preparing to launch her grant writing business supporting the work of non-profit organizations. Hall’s advice for anyone going through a similar circumstance like hers is to never give up, no matter what. 

“It’s not where you start, but it’s where you end up,” Hall explained. 

We second that! Congratulations, Margaret! 

Photo Courtesy of 11 Alive