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No Ordinary Love: Here Are 7 Beautiful Times Black Love Proved That It Still Conquers All

No Ordinary Love: Here Are 7 Beautiful Times Black Love Proved That It Still Conquers All

There’s no love like Black love! 

Like most things, Black love was something Black people had to fight for, protect, and keep close to our hearts. It has a history of constantly being interrupted and disrespected, but I take solace in the fact that many of our ancestors still experienced it. Even those who were enslaved believed in love and even made the ultimate sacrifices for it. A resilient people, love has always been our go-to. Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Love is the greatest force in the universe. It is the heartbeat of the moral cosmos. He who loves is a participant in the being of God." Black love is a special kind of love. Rooted in an ability to overcome, the real thing blossoms into something effortlessly unconditional. To prove it, here are 7 beautiful times Black love showed us that it still conquers all:

1. The fire in this love has been burning since they were teens: 

One barefoot and one in Crocs, the level of comfort and joy can be felt through the screen! Mom fell on top of dad still laughing and smiling like they’d just met. 


2. Through sickness and in health, Ray and Ros continue to inspire us:

Dancing to Daniel Caesar’s “Best Part” on their wedding day, it was clear that they meant every word. As Ros continues her fight with cancer, Ray continues to stand by her side.


3. Pinky Cole and fiancé Derrick Hayes are reminding us that community-building starts with partnership:

From gracing the cover of Essence to opening a life insurance company that provides complimentary insurance to low-income Black men, these restaurateurs are building both their family and their community with the help of Black love.


4. Jackie and Shaun Rogers are teaching us to work together, literally:

Married and running a business together, this couple is reminding us that turning off work even if you work together will keep the Black love alive!


5. Anthony says the key is coming to the relationship knowing it’s not your partner’s job to complete you:

30+ years married, Anthony knows a thing or two about a love that conquers all. According to him, a true, lasting Black love starts with genuine self-love.


6. This couple proves that going with the flow will allow Black love to blossom:

Tanai and Wesley Holder shared a heartfelt story about the lesson they learned on not locking themselves into what they they think they should be doing in a relationship.


7. After 60 years of marriage, this Black love has truly conquered all:

At 80 years old, this couple renewed their vows in Ghana while their friends and family flew in from the states to witness it!


We love to see it! We're so happy that Black love has evolved from something we have to fiercely protect to something we can bask in and use to inspire others daily. We're wishing many more years to these couples. 

Photo credit: Black Love’s Instagram @/blacklove