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Florida Man Who Can’t Swim Risks His Life To Save Drowning Elderly Man

Florida Man Who Can’t Swim Risks His Life To Save Drowning Elderly Man

Not all superheroes wear capes!

Shandale Lee is being praised for saving an elderly man from drowning after crashing his car into a pond, NBC WTLV reports. The heroism behind the story? Lee doesn’t know how to swim!

Lee was headed to get an oil change when he saw a driver who looked like he needed help. “I knew something was wrong,” Lee told reporters. The driver of the truck was experiencing a medical emergency when he ran his vehicle into a retention pond. 

Not knowing when emergency personnel would arrive, Lee said he knew “if they aren’t going to get there, I have to get there.” That’s when he and another good samaritan sprung into action. The two men helped pull the elderly man out of the car to safety. By the time first responders arrived, the car was completely submerged. 

Lee said the experience was “nerve-racking” but he had to think quick because it all happened so fast. “It was just, I wanted to risk my life to save someone else’s life,” he said. 

The man was eventually taken to the hospital with a few cuts but he was conscious and alert. Bradford County EMS said it was the actions of Lee and the other man that saved the driver’s life.

Lee said the entire ordeal makes him want to learn to swim. “In saving someone’s life, it could be my child, my daughter. I want to now be able to be comfortable to say if something happens, I can get in there and get her,” Lee told WTLV.

A true hero!

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