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First Grader Uses Savings To Make Care Packages For Seniors And Feed Students

First Grader Uses Savings To Make Care Packages For Seniors And Feed Students

The children will lead us!

7-year-old Cavanaugh Bell is using his savings to make care packages for seniors and feed students amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Fox 29 reports. 

The Maryland youth used $600 that he saved from Christmases and birthdays to help some of the people experiencing hardships. 

“What’s up guys! I’m at Target. Thank you for your donations, and look at all the stuff we got,” Cavanuagh said in a video posted to social media. “Don’t forget our senior citizens. They need to eat too,” he added in another one. 


Two years ago Cavanaugh created a nonprofit to help youth who are victims of bullying. His organization, Cool and Dope, is on a mission to end “all bullying and youth suicide through political and social action” by Cavanaugh’s 18th birthday. With his nonprofit in place, he was able to extend his platform to help people in his community that have been impacted by the pandemic. 

Using his money to make “COVID-19 Carepacks,” he’s gifted 65 seniors with essential items that include everything from bleach to food. He also donated 31 meals to seniors from local restaurant Buca Di Beppo and fed more than 90 students. 


The first grader is doing all he can to give back with the hopes that others will follow his lead. He said he was inspired by his grandmother who is his best friend, and started thinking about ways to help her and other elders so they wouldn’t have to go to the grocery store with the Coronavirus going around. 

Cavanaugh said the work he’s doing is “all about spreading positivity and raising awareness to show the world that anyone can have an impact no matter their age.”

To donate to Cavanaugh’s relief efforts visit

Thank you for all you’re doing!