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Elderly Woman Arrested Over $77 Trash Bill Blessed With Home Renovations From Rapper Trae Tha Truth

Elderly Woman Arrested Over $77 Trash Bill Blessed With Home Renovations From Rapper Trae Tha Truth

He’s doing the Lord’s work!

Trae tha Truth is no stranger to good deeds, using his platform as a rapper to amplify his activism and philanthropic work. In 2008, he launched his nonprofit, Angel By Nature, working to provide relief efforts to communities in need. Since then he has been on the frontline of nearly every natural disaster impacting underserved communities over the last decade, has received numerous accolades and awards for his work, and most recently, opened an ice cream shop to employ youth with disabilities. Now Trae is at it again, this time blessing an elderly Alabama woman with home renovations after she was arrested for over an unpaid $77 trash bill, Complex reports. 

82-year-old Martha Menefield was arrested last November for failure to pay a $77.80 trash bill. Her arrest was captured on bodycam footage and reported by TMZ, with one of the officers laughing on camera about the ridiculous nature of the arrest he was required to make by law. Officials say they attempted to contact Ms. Menefield multiple times and a warrant was issued only after she failed to appear in court for a citation. Still, the egregious nature of arresting a senior in need highlighted the glaring issues in our society. 

Luckily, while some only expressed their outrage upon learning of what happened to Ms. Menefield, Trae was inspired to action, the rapper reaching out and developing a friendship with the Alabama woman. After visiting her a few times, Trae realized her home needed some repairs and while Menefield only requested a recliner with a cup holder, Trae was committed to giving her much more. 


The rapper turned activist then partnered with BEL Furniture, providing Menefield with $15,000 worth of furnishings that included dressers, a queen size bed, and a full couch with multiple recliners. So far renovations have been made to every room but Trae is not finished yet, he's looking to partner with a company that can make foundational repairs to her home. He also needs someone to assist with getting Menefield a car and equip her home with central heat and air conditioning. Menefield says she is grateful, considering Trae’s presence in her life a true blessing.

To support Trae’s work and keep up with all of his relief efforts, follow him on Instagram @traebn

God bless you Trae.

Cover photo: Elderly woman arrested over $77 trash bill blessed with home renovations from rapper Trae tha Truth/Photo Courtesy of @traebn/Instagram