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Disney Surprises Boy Who Donated Money to Help Hurricane Dorian Evacuees

Disney Surprises Boy Who Donated Money to Help Hurricane Dorian Evacuees

Earlier we reported a story about Jermaine Bell, the 6-year-old who decided to spend the money he saved to go to Disney World on food and snacks for Hurricane Dorian evacuees. 

Jermaine saved money for an entire year so that he could spend his 7th birthday in Disney World with his family. But once he saw the devastation Hurricane Dorian had caused and how people around him were being impacted through mandatory evacuations, he sprang into action. He decided to hold off his impending birthday trip and spend his money helping others. 

Jermaine’s grandmother, family and millions of people around the world were so proud of him. And countless people on our social media channels asked if there was a GoFundMe account where they could contribute to his trip. Thankfully, word about Jermaine’s selfless act made its way to Disney.

This past Sunday, on Jermaine’s 7th birthday, he got the surprise of a lifetime. According to USA Today, Mickey Mouse and Disney cast members surprised Jermaine at his home to thank him for his generous actions. In a video posted by Disney Parks, the entire Disney cast sang Happy Birthday to Jermaine, while treating him to a Lion King themed cake, balloons and stuffed animals. They also had a surprise for  the 7-year-old, a VIP trip to Disney World for him and his family. 



Jermaine’s mother, Lauren Creech was equally happy, saying that she was so proud of her son. 

"Never in a million years could we have imagined anything like this from him. Just coming up with an idea to help someone else ... It really does instill in him that when you do good, you know, good comes back to you," she said.

The entire experience has taught Jermaine a lesson that he wants to share with other kids, if you "be strong and do good things, you will be rewarded."

The trip to Disney will happen later this month.