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Dillard University Student Gives Birth Just Hours Before Graduation, HBCU Brings Diploma To Hospital

Dillard University Student Gives Birth Just Hours Before Graduation, HBCU Brings Diploma To Hospital

She had her own private ceremony!

A college student gave birth just hours before graduation, University officials bringing her diploma to the hospital, Fox 6 Now reports.

Dillard University student Jada Sayles went into labor and was admitted to the hospital around 4:30 a.m. on May 14, the day she was supposed to participate in her commencement ceremony. She eventually gave birth to her baby, notifying Dillard University president, Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, of her situation. It was then that Kimbrough, who was wrapping up his time at Dillard, decided he would bring graduation to Sayles the next day, closing out his time at the HBCU with a memorable moment.

“[Jada] texted me around 4:30 a.m. Saturday saying she was being admitted, & the baby was born on her graduation day, May 14th. So we rolled up to the hospital so I could finish my tenure in the most special way,” Kimbrough tweeted.

The conferring of the degree was captured and shared by Kimbrough’s wife, Adria Kimbrough, Esq. Wearing her cap and gown while holding her new baby, Sayles received her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections.

“I even did the tassel part of commencement! This really was a very sweet moment. I’ll never forget it,” added Kimbrough. 

Neither will Sayles, who said she never thought this was how things would go on that day. She also thanked Dillard for taking the extra step to make sure she had that special moment.

“I thought I was gonna walk across the stage to get my degree, instead I got my baby. My sweet face decided to make his way on MY big day (now his). Shoutout to my university for still bringing my graduation and degree to me. Ima college graduate & mommy, talk to me nice!,” Sayles tweeted.

If interested in blessing the new mother, you can visit her baby registry here. Congratulations, Jada!

Photo Courtesy of Dillard University/Adria Kimbrough, Esq./Storyful