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Dads in Mississippi Welcome Elementary Students on First Day of School

Dads in Mississippi Welcome Elementary Students on First Day of School

Major shout out to Dads around the world!

A group of elementary school students in Mississippi got a real treat when they were welcomed by a human tunnel of Dads giving high fives, hugs and praise on their first day back to school. 

The group of about 20 fathers welcomed the children at Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary in Jackson, Mississippi as they have done every year for the last few years. Many of the men are a part of the Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) group at the school, an organization ran under the Parent Teachers Association (PTA). 

Rashad Williams, president of the PTA, told CBS that "the inspiration behind it was the want for our kids to know their dads believe in them and support them. It has shown to have a huge impact on the first day jitters and new kids' confidence."

The Watch D.O.G.S. is a national organization that focuses on family and community engagement within the school, promoting positive male role models, enhancing school security and helping to reduce bullying.

The morning welcome was posted to the school’s Facebook page showing students running through the Dad tunnel on their first day. Williams said that some of the students ran through the tunnel multiple times. He also noted that some of the fathers were former college students of the principal making the experience that much more inspiring.



We love to see this level of support and encouragement for the babies as they return to school. Good job guys! Keep up the good work.

Photo courtesy of Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary PTA