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Couple Who Got Engaged At KFC Get Dream Wedding and Gifts From Thousands of Supporters

Couple Who Got Engaged At KFC Get Dream Wedding and Gifts From Thousands of Supporters

What a beautiful ending to this story!

The South African couple who went viral after getting engaged at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)  received a dream wedding and gifts from thousands of supporters, Good News Network reports.

Hector Mkansi and his wife Nonhlanhla Soldaat got married in 2012 at a small, quaint ceremony after only dating for about two years. While not much, it was all the couple could afford at the time and Mkansi promised his wife that one day, he would give her the ring and ceremony she deserved. 

This past November, Mkansi made good on his promise, purchasing a bigger ring and planning out a proposal for his wife inside of her favorite restaurant, KFC. He enlisted the help of the KFC staff, and when Soldaat retrieved her order from the counter, she was shocked to find a wedding ring sitting on the top of her food. 

One of the customers inside began filming, and caught Mkansi just as he got down on one knee and posted the video to social media. The KFC headquarters in South Africa then shared the video to their Twitter page, asking for help from the public to find the couple. The video quickly went viral, garnering more than 4 million views and KFC was able to locate Mkansi and Soldaat, hiring an event planner on behalf of the couple to make their dream wedding come true.  

 While some people made snarky comments about the fast food romance, the good quickly outweighed the bad. Offers from South African businesses and well wishers were coming left and right, the couple being inundated with free spa treatments, wedding jewelry, flowers, gifts, furniture and even airlines and car companies willing to provide free transportation for the wedding and honeymoon. The outpouring of love was so overwhelming that Mkansi said they weren’t even bothered by the negative comments. 

The couple walked down the aisle this past New Year’s Eve at a ceremony that was even bigger than they imagined. “We are still in disbelief. Both of us have to ask each other if this is really happening from time to time. We couldn’t be more grateful to God and every single person that has shared in our little love story. Our dream has come true. We never in a million years thought something like this would happen to us,” Mkansi said. 

And of course, KFC South African took to social media to congratulate the beautiful couple. Check out some of the clips below!

Congratulations Hector and Nonhlanhla! We wish you a lifetime of marital bliss!

Photo Courtesy of KFC/W24 Real Weddings