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Childhood Best Friends Deliver Sons on Same Day in Same Hospital

Childhood Best Friends Deliver Sons on Same Day in Same Hospital

Best friends Malek Lee and Demetrius Gower’s sons were just delivered on the same day, in the same hospital.

The two friends met in the 7th grade when they played basketball together. Never did they imagine that their relationship would stand the test of time and that they’d get to see their sons do it all over again.

Photo Courtesy of @MeechieMeech/Facebook

Back in April, Malek and his wife, Kennedi, invited Demetrius and his spouse, Emilee, to a St. Louis Cardinals game. The two gentleman got to talking and that’s when Demetrius told Malek that his partner Emilee was expecting. To his surprise, Malek shared that Kennedi was also expecting. After comparing a few notes they realized the two women were both set to give birth to boys just days apart. 

They were ecstatic. But the coincidences didn’t stop there. Demetrius recently took to social media to share the ironic turn of events. Apparently, just 2 weeks prior to delivery, Demetrius discovered that Emilee was already dilated 2 cm and the doctors told them they would have to induce her the following week. That night, he received a text from his best friend, Malek, saying that Kennedi was also being induced... on the same day!

The two spent the day traveling back and forth to each other’s rooms, getting updates from the nurses about one another. At 4:05pm, Demetrius Gower Jr. was born and just a few hours later, Makai Lee came into the world. 

Photo Courtesy of @MeechieMeech/Facebook
Malek Lee, left & Demetrius Gower, right.

Demetrius spoke exclusively to Because Of Them We Can saying, "It's awesome to grow up with a friend I consider my brother and our kids get to experience the same thing, to not be blood related but still have a brotherly bond.”

Demetrius calls the whole thing, “God’s plan.” 

Congratulations to the happy couples! The brotherhood just got stronger!