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Boris Kodjoe & Chris Spencer Celebrate Their First Born Children Moving Into Howard University Together

Boris Kodjoe & Chris Spencer Celebrate Their First Born Children Moving Into Howard University Together

It’s a friendship spanning generations!

Boris Kodjoe and Chris Spencer are both veterans in the entertainment world. Kodjoe is an accomplished actor alongside his wife Nicole Ari Parker, the two dominating our screens for the better part of more than two decades. Chris Spencer is also a household name, the comedian, writer, director and producer getting his start in the ‘90s along entertainment dynasties like The Wayans Family, making a name for himself on and off screen. Over the years, the Spencers and Kodjoes have built a lasting friendship that extends beyond Hollywood, their children also growing up together. 

Recently, the proud Dads took to social media to announce that their first born children had just moved into Howard University together, continuing the prestigious legacy of Black excellence laid by their parents. 

“This week the Kodjoe’s and the Spencer’s moved in their first [borns] into [Howard University]. These two have known each other since they were infants…We parents are so proud that these two will continue to forge ahead with your love and friendship for each other. Sophie and Christopher. We love you,” wrote Spencer. 

Included in the post were a scroll of photos of the happy families on move in day as well as throwback photos of the children over the years, from babies and pre-teens to HBCU freshmans. 

“I’m not crying you’re crying,” Spencer hashtagged the post. 



The heartwarming moment was compounded when Kodjoe added in his thoughts as well, posting more family photos of the kids alongside a photo of him and Spencer in their proud HU gear. Kodjoe spoke about the significance of the moment for the two Dads and how this milestone is just another in their long legacy. 

“This dude [Chris Spencer] and I have been brothers for 25 years and today we shared another milestone when we moved our firstborns into their college dorm rooms at [Howard University]. Sophie-cakes and Lil’ Chris have been day-ones since day 1 and are now sharing their first big milestone with each other. These two HU dads are so proud and happy. Good luck on your journey, guys. Now hurry up and graduate, get a job and pay us back all that tuition money (plus interest) that we loaned you. Love you,” wrote Kodjoe.  



What a blessed moment to see the next generation start building their own legacies. Sending our love to the Kodjoe and Spencer families. We know that through it all, the children will have each other's backs just like you two have done for one another for so long. 


Cover photo: Boris Kodjoe & Chris Spencer celebrate their first born children moving into Howard University together/Photo Courtesy of Boris Kodjoe/Facebook