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Black-Owned Dallas Restaurant Closes Weekly To Serve And Uplift The Homeless

Black-Owned Dallas Restaurant Closes Weekly To Serve And Uplift The Homeless

Paulette Johnson has successfully merged her love for cooking and for helping others by hosting a unique weekly event that’s open to the public. As the owner of Trucker’s Café, she closes her restaurant each Monday to serve the homeless of her surrounding Dallas, Texas community.

Even though Mondays have traditionally been extremely busy for her restaurant, Johnson insists that her South Dallas restaurant closes to provide hot meals and outreach to a different clientele—free of charge. In addition to meals, the restaurant also provides clean clothes, shoes, and toiletries. Johnson, who grew up in a battered women’s shelter, understands the significant challenge of going without necessities.

"I just thank God for waking me up, (to) do what I do today. Because I know people out here struggling every day," Johnson continued, through tears. "It's still hard for me, but I'm just worried about everybody that I could help. It's just me, and if I can help and put smiles on people's faces, that's all I need."

Johnson takes great pride in offering her community a sense of hope on Mondays. No one gets turned away. Singer, Capt. Jack Watson, who sings and travels with a local band plays music for everyone who dines in the restaurant on Mondays. Having overcome his own stint of homelessness, he has agreed to perform for free for everyone adding to the uplifting atmosphere in the restaurant during this very special weekly event.

"Just hug them and inspire them and let them know, somebody up there still cares, still loves," Watson said. "Never look down on anybody because you never know the next day that person might be up, and I'm a living example."

We salute you, Ms. Johnson and the Trucker’s Café team! For more information, follow the restaurant on Facebook at