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A Late Grandmother's Love, Tailored into a Prom Suit

A Late Grandmother's Love, Tailored into a Prom Suit

One thing about love, it never fails! 

A little over six months ago, Aasiya Jones lost her beloved grandmother, a loss that weighed heavily on her family, particularly her son Amir. As a pivotal figure in Amir's upbringing, the grandmother's passing left a significant void in the teen's life, making the grieving process difficult to overcome. The magnitude of his loss was such that he started withdrawing from activities he once loved and moments that he once looked forward to, including his senior prom. Amir no longer planned to attend.

However, in a surprising turn of events revealed in a recent video posted on Aasiya's Instagram, Amir changed his mind at the last minute and decided to attend his prom. But there were only four days left to get everything together.

As the family prepared Amir for his big night, Aasiya had a special surprise planned for her son. “It pains me that you’re going through so much, but I want you to know that she’s always with you,” she told Amir, her words carrying the weight of shared loss and shared love. 


As she continued to reassure her son of his great-grandmother’s presence, she unveiled her surprise: his suit jacket, adorned on the inside with a photo of Amir and his great-grandmother stitched into the lining.

The tears fell immediately.

While we don’t know if Amir had time to secure a prom date, we do know that he didn’t go alone. His great-grandmother’s presence was with him every step, or two-step, along the way.

Photo: thefoodguru/ Instagram