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Kindergarten Student Dedicates Graduation Speech To His Late Mother

Kindergarten Student Dedicates Graduation Speech To His Late Mother
He memorized this speech perfectly!

Some moments touch the deepest parts of our hearts like the fourth grader who saved his classmates life, or the teen who walked two hours to graduation and was gifted with a full scholarship and new car. Such was the case during a recent kindergarten graduation ceremony, where 6-year-old Jaxon Carter stole the show and brought the entire audience to tears with a touching tribute to his late mom. 

After being asked to deliver a speech by his teacher, Jaxon stood tall on the stage and dedicated his awards and graduation to his mother, Taryn Marie Gainey, who he lost in a fire last year.  

During his speech he talked about how much he’s learned saying, "I learned to play with other kids, read books, answer or ask questions like how or why, use correct grammar, and use my school tablet." He also gave a big thank you to his family and the ultimate thanks to his dad for being “the best daddy ever!” 

His message was not one of grief but of love, gratitude, and hope. By the time he finished, there couldn't have been a dry eye in the room! As he bids farewell to kindergarten we hope he continues to keep his mom in his heart as he embraces the adventures that lie ahead.

Congratulations, Jaxon! 

Cover photo: Heartwarming Tale of Love: Kindergarten Student's Graduation Speech Brings Tears of Joy/Photo Courtesy of Good Morning America