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A California Post Office Employee Is Being Praised For Finding Two Missing Children

A California Post Office Employee Is Being Praised For Finding Two Missing Children

Chyanne Thomas, a postal worker at the Vista Post Office in California is being praised for finding two separate missing girls all within two weeks of each other,  Fox 5 News San Diego reports.

While Thomas was making her rounds one afternoon, she noticed a 15-year-old girl wandering. That little girl’s name was Abby and she had autism. Just two days earlier, Abby had been reported missing and Thomas recognized the girl from local news alerts. When she spotted her that next day, she pulled over and approached Abby, telling her she was missing too as to not scare her away and immediately called 911 to report it. Thomas spoke to Fox 5 saying, “I had training in behavioral health and working with children on the spectrum. It helped me to know what to do in the situation.” 

A couple of weeks later, Thomas noticed another child walking around alone. The little girl was 3-years-old and didn’t speak English. Thomas said the little girl ran to her with tears and she waited for 15 minutes trying to find parents before calling 911 to report it. She then stayed with the girl until her mother arrived. 

Her heroic efforts have been awarded, but Thomas said she’s no hero. 

“I’m not a hero. I was just at the right place at [the right time]. I’m glad that the parents [were] reunited with their kids safe and sound,” she said. Since the news broke, Thomas has received a plaque and been pinned by the National Association of Letter Carriers for her bravery.

Thomas told reporters that helping is just in her nature. 

“I love my job at the post office. If a child was in need, I would step in to help again,” she said. 

Thank you Chyanne!! The world needs more people like you!

Photo Courtesy of Fox 5 San Diego