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This 60-Year-Old Mom's Modeling Is Catapulting Her Son’s Fashion Brand To The Top

This 60-Year-Old Mom's Modeling Is Catapulting Her Son’s Fashion Brand To The Top

Momma keeps the customers coming back!

A 60-year-old mom’s modeling is catapulting her son’s fashion brand to the top.

Travis Dimeer Terry is the owner of IEMBE, a luxury brand he started in his college dorm room in 2020. The brand features a few specialty clothing items but the highlight is the bags, which can be worn as handbags, cross-body bags, or backpacks. Each bag is also emblazoned with the signature “IEMBE” logo.




While the bags are indeed luxurious, everyone knows that the success of a brand lies in its marketing. Last Christmas, Terry’s bags went viral after a Grinch-inspired Christmas promo video took off. While the vegan leather green bag was a sure hit, the real star of the video was the model, Terry’s mom, and the heartwarming story behind her getting cast. 

“Didn’t book any models for my brand so I asked my 60 [year old] mom to &...” Terry captioned pics of his mom from the promo video. 




The internet exploded! Not only did mom sell the bags, but she also looked incredible doing it, giving all the young influencers a run for their money. Twitter users flocked to Terry’s comments to let him know that he and his mom were on to something.

“Seems like you just found your official Brand model,” one user wrote. 

“They have to follow her lead now!!,” another added. 

The bags were an instant hit and Terry has gained quite the following since then, his bags regularly selling out. Recently, he took to Twitter to drop visuals for his most recent bag drop, a sleek small Black vegan handbag. Once again, his mom stole the show and caused bag sales to skyrocket, the visuals being liked nearly 300,000 times so far. 

Holding the bag in a chic getup of her own, mom is giving high Vogue fashion and is clearly the top model we didn’t know we needed.

“[And] this is why I’ll always book my mom to model for my brand,” Terry captioned the photos. 




Users took to Twitter again to compliment his mother but also highlight her impeccable skills as a model, a career many believe she was born for. 

“I just want to say that I LOVE these shoots not only [because] your mom slays, but [because] the brand is never lost. Like I KNOW EXACTLY what it is you’re selling [because] the photos SHOWCASE,” one user wrote. 

Models beware, there’s a new momma in town and she came to SLAY! Visit to purchase your bag NOW.


Photo Courtesy of @Travisdimeer/IEMBE/Twitter