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5-Year-Old Reacts To Newly Redesigned Bedroom In Heartwarming Viral Moment

5-Year-Old Reacts To Newly Redesigned Bedroom In Heartwarming Viral Moment

This is the cutest thing ever!

A 5-year-old reacts to his newly redesigned bedroom in a heartwarming viral moment. Eric Fenney is a sweet kid who loves dinosaurs, space, and, the animated cartoon character - Sonic the Hedgehog. Recently, Eric had been overdue for a new bed. His original one, a Lightning McQueen car-shaped bed just wasn't big enough anymore. His mother, Morgan Coleman, and her fiancé Rae decided that they would do something nice for Eric, surprising him with a new bedroom set while he was away with his Dad for the weekend. What they didn't expect was Eric's adorable reaction. 

"When he came in, he noticed his door was closed. It's never usually closed. He was like, 'Mom, why is my door closed?'" Coleman recalled. 

When Eric opened the door, he was immediately taken aback. "You got me a new bed! Thank you so much," he exclaims in the video. Eric then begins clapping and taking it all in, delegating where his parents will sleep. Them on the top bunk, while he takes the bottom bunk as he simultaneously climbs the ladder. The gentle thanks of a mature and grateful 5-year-old makes the moment that much sweeter. 

"He was just overwhelmed with emotion. He's still thanking me right now," Coleman told reporters.

She says she's grateful her fiancé caught the moment on film so the world can see just how great of a kid Eric is. The gesture was just a small token of appreciation for the 5-year-old whom Coleman says is more than deserving.

"He'll be heading to kindergarten next school year, and his teacher says he's reading, math, science/social studies skills are at a 2nd grade level with a perfect progress report. He's a great child, and he deserves it," Coleman told Because Of Them We Can

Eric recently launched his new YouTube channel with the help of his Dad. To keep up with his adventures, visit his site here.

Congratulations, Eric! Enjoy your new room, buddy!

Photo Courtesy of Morgan Coleman