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5 Viral Videos That Had Us In Our Feels This Week

5 Viral Videos That Had Us In Our Feels This Week

We couldn’t get enough of these feel-good stories!

Every week the internet is rife with content. There is some good and of course some bad, but here at Because of Them We Can, we specialize only in the good stuff. Week after week, we sift through endless hours of content to bring you the stories we are most moved by, and boy are they good. But our absolute favorite stories to cover are those that come with viral videos. 

Sometimes the videos are adorable stories such as the one that shows tennis phenom Serena Williams giving her daughter Olympia pointers on the court. Other times they’re hilarious moments that the culture absolutely has to see, like the grad student who got crossed over on campus by his HBCU president. Then every once in a while, there are other videos that are straight tearjerkers, similar to the one published this past summer of the Louisiana dad who surprised his visually impaired son at school

Whatever the story, it’s necessary. It’s the hug you needed during the day, the laugh that makes you forget all the stress you’ve been under, or the quick reminder you needed to just be grateful. We figured it would be a good idea to give you a round-up every now and again of those heartwarming stories. Below is a list of 5 viral videos that had us in our feels this week.  


Hard Work Pays Off

Our first pick of the week goes to a video we’re renaming “Hard Work Pays Off.” In the clip first posted to TikTok, you can see a woman visibly emotional as she wipes her tears. A little Black girl sits on her lap in support. Overlaying the video is context to the emotional moment, the woman writing “When you finally see that RN behind your name that you worked so hard for.” 

Just rewatching has us feeling like someone is cutting onions. We feel you sis! Pat yourself on the back.


The next one goes to this committed dad who we are officially dubbing “Spider-Dad.” Not only does he do all the regular things fathers do during the day, at night, he assists the kid in becoming a superhero. The video, posted by a giddy and supportive mom, shows Dad as he makes his son’s dream of becoming Spider-man come alive. He carries his son across the house, the ecstatic kid climbing from wall to ceiling and pillar to pose in his Spider-man costume. The icing on the cake comes at the end as Dad puts him down. 

“Thank you Daddy, you’re my hero,” he says with a big hug. 

The waterworks.


Our third pick of the week goes to this legendary duo for giving us two generations of Black excellence. Fresh off of her Emmy win, legendary actress Sheryl Lee Ralph visited EGOT winner Jennifer Hudson’s new daytime talk show. The original Dream Girl, Ralph first starred in the Broadway play during its opening show 41 years ago. Hudson starred in the movie rendition of the musical, earning an Oscar for her role as Effie White. The two women put on their fur boas to give a hilarious reenactment of a Dreamgirls performance number, Ralph guiding Hudson in the choreography along the way. The two women ended the moment in an embrace.

“I’m so proud of you. Do your thing girl,” Ralph told Hudson.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I just got to have that moment with you. That was a dream,” Hudson replied. 

We love to see it!

Sailor Mom

Then there was this heartwarming moment between a mother-son duo in the Navy. The son James Q. is a Surface Navy Sonar Technician who decided to delay college and playing basketball to give back to his country. He was in attendance along with friends and family from around the world, to pay tribute to his mom MC LaTonya Luter during her retirement ceremony. The video captures the most memorable traditions of the ceremony, James Q. saluting his mom face to face, right there to relieve her from the "watch." She's signing off on three decades of duty to her country. The two ended their salute with a big bear hug as the audience erupted in applause. She’s left an awesome legacy and the torch her son is carrying is already burning bright!

During the ceremony the Master Chief spoke on purpose, leadership, and service. Which this family possesses a lot of! James' father is a Navy Veteran as well as his great-great uncle also known as "Paw-Paw," who served during the Vietnam era. 

Grandma’s House

And our very last favorite viral video this week goes to grandma’s house. One of the grandchildren of a very large family took to social media to share his family’s beautiful story. Highlighting a crowded house full of laughter and love, he started the video off with a quick note of the obvious, writing “we clearly outgrew Granny’s old house.” However, since crowded means nothing to a Black family, Grandma quickly had to devise a way to keep the gatherings at her house. 

In response, Grandma began upgrading her whole home, renovating it to add more space for all of her descendants. The result was a new and improved house with much more room for generations to come. The entire family came together during the building to write scriptures on the foundation of the home and of course, when it was all said and done, they threw another get-together. Ain’t nothing like a Black family! 

Don’t you feel good?! Don’t you feel happy?! Go spread this Black positivity into the world. Because of you, we can.

5 viral videos that had us in our feels this week. Photo Courtesy of @nonprofitcartel/Instagram