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21-Year-Old Set To Open New All-Boys School In Albany, Georgia

21-Year-Old Set To Open New All-Boys School In Albany, Georgia

This is incredible!

A 21-year-old is set to open a new all-boys school in Albany, Georgia, WALB News 10 reports.

King Randall is a youth leader in Albany who started The "X" for Boys program two years ago when he was just 19-years-old to teach skills to other young men and increase literacy rates. 





"[We were] doing different workshops teaching young men how to do different skill trades, we're also doing a book club and teaching them how to read because 93 percent of the children I come into contact with can't read. But now we have an 86 percent reading comprehension rate," Randall said.

The group has received tremendous support, even being invited to the White House. Randall said troubled young men in Albany are just looking for outlets, access, and opportunities; he has hopes to expand his program by giving the males a physical space as well. 

"[I want to give] them a space where they're around a lot of other young men and around other men trying to mold you and train you. I've had kids come find me at my house and come knock and ask to join The "X" for Boys. I've had kids message me on Instagram, gang members; you name it," he said. 

With the program's success, Randall began working on making his original dream of opening a school a reality. He enlisted the help of the Dougherty County School System to bring his vision to life. 

"I gave the superintendent a call and asked if he had any school buildings they didn't mind getting rid of, and he was like, ''Well, we have three buildings on the chopping block ready to be demolished.'' And I was like, ''Oh really?'' So I went to go tour one of them, and it is in great condition. Of course, it needs a little TLC, but they just stopped using it maybe about two years ago," Randall said. 

Now the 21-year-old is looking to open his school, transforming the former Isabella School in Albany into the New Life Preparatory School for Boys. He plans to open the boarding school for boys, focusing on rigorous academics and trades, including welding and auto-repair and the science of family, manhood, and firearms training. His mission is to give local boys the opportunity to become well-rounded individuals. He has already received numerous support, including a donation of 10,000 masks from Ford Motor Company for his students. 

Randall took to social media to share his excitement.

"Black history is still being created! I'm 21, I'm buying a school, and I'm opening a boarding school for young men in my community! First of its kind where we live! What can't we do? Who's gonna hold us down?" he captioned photos of the campus.

To support the efforts to build the New Life Preparatory School for Boys, click here.

Congratulations King!

Photo Courtesy of The X For Boys/King Randall/Twitter