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Yale Move-In Day: The Wade Quadruplets Start Freshman Year Of College Together

Yale Move-In Day: The Wade Quadruplets Start Freshman Year Of College Together

All photos courtesy of the Wade family 

It's move-in day for Yale University's class of 2021! 

Today, the university not only welcomed its largest freshman class in history, but also its second set of quadruplets: brothers Nick, Aaron, Nigel and Zachary Wade. The siblings chose to attend the Connecticut Ivy League after getting accepted into both Yale and Harvard University, and a total of 59 schools combined. 

After graduating from Lakota East High School, two of the brothers interned in New York City, while the other two stayed home in Liberty Township, Ohio to work part-time. The Wade family headed to Yale last Saturday for the university's pre-orientation program for minority students called Cultural Connections. 

"I'm really excited to meet all sorts of interesting people…(and) becoming part of the vibrant and diverse community that is Yale," Aaron told NBC News. "Ultimately, I'm looking forward to beginning this new chapter of my life with my brothers at my side."

Nick, who spent some of the summer interning at the non-profit, Future Project, and preparing students at Columbia University for a summer immersion program in Morocco, aspires to become a diplomat. Aaron, who landed an internship at Zeta Global, a technology company in New York, plans to study computer science and artificial intelligence. As for Nigel and Zachary, who worked summer jobs at Walgreens and Papa Johns Pizza, they plan to study neuroscience and chemical engineering respectively. 

Although the siblings have been assigned to different residential colleges, their mother Kim Wade is glad that they will be on the same campus. 

"I wanted to make sure they had some support systems and were not too far away and I couldn’t get to them if they needed," Kim said. "But I feel a whole lot better that they are in the same place. If something happens, all they have to do is text a brother — and he’ll be there in 10 minutes." 

Cheers to brotherhood, excellence, and starting a new academic journey together! Best of luck to you all in college. 

UPDATE: Watch the Wade brothers prepare for their first day at Yale University below. Classes officially started on August 30.