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Watch Tamara Walcott Set A New Deadlift World Record

Watch Tamara Walcott Set A New Deadlift World Record

She deadlifted a record-breaking 641 pounds! 

When Tamara Walcott first started going to a weight lifting gym in 2017, her main goal was to gain control back over her life. After going through a divorce, Walcott, who worked full-time as a property manager, was even more committed to raising her two children – but she also needed to find time to take care of herself. 

"I began going to the gym, bringing my kids with me three to four nights a week, Walcott told Insider in December 2021. "Weight lifting was my therapy and helped me battle food addiction. I wanted to make sure my kids were taken care of, and that meant being healthy for them. To be a good mom I had to take care of myself. Knowing that freed me from any mom guilt I might have felt." 

Walcott, who lost 100 pounds within her first year of training, started off with a goal of wanting to deadlift 315 pounds. Little did she know, she would become a six-time deadlift champion and an inspiration for women everywhere to reclaim their power. During the 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF), Walcott performed a 636 pound deadlift, breaking Andrea Thompson's record of 621 pounds. Now, according to Rogue Fitness, the "Plus Size Fitness Queen," (as Walcott calls herself) has done it again, breaking her own record with an impressive 641 pound elephant bar deadlift at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival. 


"What a way to spend a day during Women's History Month BREAKING RECORDS, raising the bar, inspiring the masses, [and] letting everyone know that if I CAN, SO CAN YOU. Especially my fellow women, " Walcott stated on her Instagram account. 

The powerlifting super mom and business owner now holds two deadlift records and continues to hold the world record for women's heaviest deadlift. 

Congratulations, Tamara! You're an inspiration to us all!