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All Grown Up: The Kid From The Viral Popeyes Meme Is Now an Offensive Lineman Who Just Landed NIL Deal

All Grown Up: The Kid From The Viral Popeyes Meme Is Now an Offensive Lineman Who Just Landed NIL Deal

He took an unexpected moment and capitalized in a genius way!

This freshman offensive lineman just secured a major deal with more on the way, Black Enterprise reports. 

In 2013, we got a hilarious meme of a 9-year-old boy who was mistaken for Lil Terrio, another kid who went viral in 2013 for his "Ooh Kill 'Em" dance. Although he wasn't Terrio, the young boy became the face of the "Terrio at Popeyes" meme. His real name is Dieunerst Collin, and he's now a student at Lake Erie College in Ohio.

With the recent rise of young athletes securing Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals, Collin chose the perfect way to strike one. He recently went online with a task for the people that once made him go viral, requesting that everyone help him get the attention of Popeyes by reposting and tagging them.



The internet definitely understood the assignment and, in no time, Collin got what was well deserved! He told ESPN "I thought this is probably the opportunity I can get with Popeyes to at least reach out," Collin said. "I went on Instagram and decided to post asking everyone to repost and tag Popeyes, not knowing that I would get all the support I got. People just started to join in... I believe Monday afternoon was when Popeyes DM'ed me and said we actually want to work with you."


He’s now the only football player at his school with an NIL deal, and they didn’t fall short of support. “My teammates were excited for me, because they believed I should be doing what I’m doing now with it,” Collin said. “The fact that every teammate of mine [said] congratulations, asked if I was OK and they’re rooting for me to make this bigger than what it is now.”



The food chain gladly extended a deal to the athlete and made sure to serve up a good pun on the side. The New Jersey native will be promoting the restaurant chain and will also be featured on a Popeyes billboard in his hometown.



"I had Dude Wipes, they talked to me and they're sending me some products. I have one company that I've been with called Lock1N. It's an athletic brand from a football player I used to play with in high school," he said in reference to his other offers on the table. 


That’s what we’re talking about! Congratulations, Dieunerst!


Photo: Popeyes/ Dieunrest Collin