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‘Us’ Exceeds Expectations with Record Breaking $70.2M weekend opening

‘Us’ Exceeds Expectations with Record Breaking $70.2M weekend opening

Jordan Peele’s sophomore film, ‘Us’, just set a record for having the best opening for an original horror movie as it blazed its way to the number one film in the country. 

The movie, which was made on a $20M budget, exceeded industry expectations which projected the opening to hit $50M. It is also the third best horror opening of all time, behind ‘It’ ($123M) and ‘Halloween’ ($76M). 

There are numerous think pieces that attempt to examine Peele’s imagination and messages that might have been overlooked in the film. Which is why many have already vowed to see it again, especially after the reveal at the end (no spoilers!). 

One thing that can't be quantified or debated is the enormous impact Peele and other creators of color are making when it comes to inspiring the next generation of filmmakers. We see you and we appreciate you! 


PS. Give Lupita all of the awards (x2)!