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Tyler Perry Is Donating $2.75M To Cover The Property Taxes For Low-Income Homeowners In Atlanta

Tyler Perry Is Donating $2.75M To Cover The Property Taxes For Low-Income Homeowners In Atlanta

This is how you help Black people remain in their own communities!

Recently named one of the world's 10 highest-paid entertainers by Forbes, Tyler Perry has a history of using his success to make an impact. In the past, Perry surprised seniors across the country by buying their groceries, provided 5,000 families with food and gift cards for Thanksgiving, paid off layaway accounts at two Georgia Walmarts, and much more.


Now, as property taxes rise, he’s devised a plan to help Atlanta residents by paying the back taxes for 300 low-income seniors. 

This bill totals to $2.75 million and will cover city, county, and school taxes. The funds will be disbursed through the Invest Atlanta Partnership, the nonprofit section of Atlanta’s Economic Development Authority. 

He’s already donated $750,000 towards back taxes and increased property taxes and for the next 4 years, he plans to donate $500,000 to make sure these residents are financially free from their homeownership debts. For the next 20 years, Mr. Perry will be taking care of any increase in property taxes for 100 low-income older residents.

“Atlanta’s growth and prosperity should not come at the expense of our legacy residents — many of whom have been priced out of their homes in previous years. Tyler Perry has been engaged in our ongoing conversations around legacy resident retention, and he told me he wanted to do something to support these efforts. Thanks to his generosity, more Atlantans will be able to remain in the communities they built," Atlanta Mayor Andrew Dickens said in a statement.

Everyone deserves a place to live, and it brightens our day to know Tyler Perry is stepping in to ensure the elderly can remain homeowners and continue to cherish the properties they worked so hard to obtain. Thank you for your act of kindness Mr. Perry! We hope this inspires everyone. 

Photo: Nathan Congleton / TODAY/ Hyosub Shin